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Creativity is the ability to see things differently. It is not only art, but perspective

Shared Characteristics of Creative People from research by Paul Torrence (1993)-created in Wordle

Right or Left Window
Is this window on the right or left of this building?
The Picture Of Many Faces
How many faces can you see? Do you see an Elderly Woman, Young Lady, or Man?

Three basic principles of creativity:

1. New ideas are composed of old elements
2. Not all new ideas are on par
3. Creativity is enhanced by the ability to detect connections between ideas
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Check out this article from Newsweek about the U.S. 'Creativity Crisis'!

Five Levels of Creativity from Leslie Owen Wilson (2004), adapted from Irving A. Taylor (1959) :

1. Primitive and intuitive expression
2. Academic and technical level
3. Inventive level
4. Innovative level
5. Genius level

As Erich Fromm says, "Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties."

The more we play and flex our 'funny bone,'the easier it becomes
to make new connections and look at things from a fresh perspective.

From Humor and Creativity

Twenty-Four Tips for Developing Creativity1. Model Creativity
2. Build Self-Efficacy
3. Question Assumptions
4. How to Define and Redefine Problems
5. Encourage Idea Generation
6. Cross-Fertilize Ideas
7. Allow Time for Creative Thinking
8. Instruct and Assess Creatively
9. Reward Creative Ideas and Products
10. Encourage Sensible Risks
11. Tolerate Ambiguity
12. Allow Mistakes
13. Identify and Surmount Obstacles
14. Teach Self-Responsibility
15. Promote Self-Regulation
16. Delay Gratification
17. Encourage Creative Collaboration
18. Imagine Other Viewpoints
19. Recognize Person-Environmental Fit
20. Find Excitement
21. Seek Stimulating Environments
22. Play to Strengths
23. Grow Creatively
24. Proselytize for Creativity
From Teaching for Creativity: Two Dozen Tips

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