A podcast is an audio or video digital media file that is distributed over the Internet. A podcast is different from other video or audio files that you can download on the Web because a podcast can be subscribed to and automatically downloaded for you when new content is added.

These definitions may vary depending on whom you ask (ie: if you ask Apple or someone who is jealous of Apple)
Podcast stands for Personal On Demand Broadast (or iPod + Broadcast = podcast)
Vodcast stands for Video on Demand Broadcast (or Video + iPod + Broadcast = vodcast)

Making use of podcasts' syndication features requires appropriate feed aggregator software, often referred to as a podcatching client or a podcatcher. The feeds are usually distributed using RSS or Atom protocols to the podcatching client.

Podcasting in Plain English

Podcasting in the Classroom (November Learning)

Finding Podcasts - use a podcast directory to search the web for podcasts by name, content, or genre
Podcast Directory www.Podcastalley.com
iTunes is a podcast directory, receiver, and music/media management software for Mac and PC
iTunes University
Education Podcast Network

To create Your own Podcast:
1. Record footage (audio or video)
2. Edit your podcast (Audacity is recommended for audio podcasts, iMovie or Movie Maker for video podcasts)
3. Compress your file (MP3 or video file)
4. Publish your podcast You will need to generate an RSS feed for your podcast. RSS is the tech tool that allows users to subscribe to your podcast and automatically download your podcast content whenever you create new podcasts! Some sites will do this for you without you having to know a lick of code - sweet! (Gcast.com, libsyn.com). If you want to host your podcast on your website tech nerds should click here.
5. Promote your podcast (submit your podcast to one of the above directories)

Editing Software
Audacity® is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. Audacity online help and manuals located here.
If using Audacity ,make sure to also download the LAME MP3 encoder! Directions how to set up the encoder. (You only have to do this once!)
iMovie is a video editing software application which allows Mac users to edit their own home movies.
MovieMaker is a video editing software application which allows PC users to edit their own home movies.

Publishing Software:
Gcast upload your MP3 file and gcast will create the RSS feed and publish your podcast.
Gabcast record your podcast by phone using one of gabcasts toll-free numbers. they will create the rss feed and publish your podcast. Length of free recording is limited.

Streaming Video
Teacher Tube
You Tube
School Tube

How do I use podcasting in my classroom?
• Mock Interviews
• Students write a radio drama and record their show.
• Students interview relatives about their life histories.
• Students record pronunciation of new vocabulary terms for the teacher to review.
• Students combine audio with family photos in a VoiceThread, PowerPoint or iMovie
project (and thus create a photocast or videocast.)
• Students interview a local historian and create a show about a local site of interest.
• Students create a “Round the World” podcast that features spotlights on
various cites and continents.
• Students write and record short stories or poems and add music and sound effects.
• The teacher record instructions or a lesson that students listen to on their
own. A teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL) can record podcasts for
homework assignments to help students’ listening skills.
• Students record music that evokes the spirit or sentiment of a poem or a scene
in a play and explain why they chose that particular piece of music.
•Students interview other students for a school newspaper article and put the
interviews online.
• Students simulate interviews of famous historical characters.
• Students use portable recorders and record their impressions.